If you’re a broker or authorised rep and you’re not happy with the company you’re working in, it’s time you consider what’s wrong and what your options are.


  • the organisation you’re with right now is stifling your ambition
  • you feel you’re just a cog in a very big wheel
  • you’d like a shot at being your own boss
  • you’re an independent broker and the compliance work is eating a hole in your brain
  • you’re finding you need professional support to make your business sing


United Insurance Group is what you’ve been looking for!


We exist to take the load off your shoulders and let you get on with what you do best – sorting out your clients’ insurance needs. Our back-office services and support facilities give our authorised reps the freedom to concentrate on growing their businesses. 

We work to make it as easy for you as it can be. Our PI insurance is included in our fee structure, and our membership of Steadfast provides a wide range of support services. That means you’ll always have the support you need as you work to grow your client base and your business. 


With United Insurance Group, you’ll never work alone. 


To find out more, please call Trevor Howard on 0431 705 660 or office (03) 8676 0344 to discuss how we can help you succeed as an authorised rep. Alternatively, you can send us an online enquiry or email Trevor directly trevor@uig.net.au.